For Parents and Players



Madison Area Youth Soccer Association (MAYSA) and participating clubs are fully committed to safeguarding the health and safety of all staff, volunteers, participants and spectators. For this reason, effective immediately, MAYSA enacts the following policy applicable to all staff and volunteers, regardless of position or authority: 

Staff and volunteers shall:

  • Model the guidelines outlined in MAYSA’s Return to Play Health Information and Guidelines for participants and enforce all guidelines for participants
  • Maintain six feet physical distancing and minimize contact from others whenever possible
  • Be required to wear a face covering as outlined in public health orders
  • Demonstrate proper use of all personal protective equipment or PPE prior to performing work duties at worksite
  • Not have any direct person to person contact (i.e., no hand shaking, no high fives, no hugs) 


MAYSA and participating clubs shall: 

  • Require all staff, volunteers and participants to wear face covering as outlined in public health orders and MAYSA’s Return to Play Health Information and Guidelines.  This requirement is for anyone age 5 and older.
  • Limit in-person meetings and use other means of communications such as Zoom, Skype and email, that are not in person
  • Limit number of staff, volunteers, participants and spectators present on the premises at any given time to current order limits
  • Spread out stations so staff, volunteers and participants can remain six feet apart at all times when not participating in sport
  • Provide guidelines for drop off and dismissal to limit contact between parties
  • Provide physical guides and signage, as necessary, to participants to minimize physical proximity
  • Post physical distancing signage throughout the premises reminding everyone to practice physical distancing
  • Provide special accommodations for vulnerable workers or those unable to wear face covering


Training Resources

  • Physical Distancing Guidance for Workers
    • Six (6) feet physical distancing is required at all times between individuals not from the same household or living unit except when individuals are actively participating in the sport. All individuals (such as, athletes, coaching staff, referees, and spectators) that are not actively participating in the sport must maintain six (6) feet physical distancing at all times. 
  • Using Cloth Face Coverings in the Workplace
    • Face covering means a piece of cloth or other material that is worn to cover the nose and mouth completely. A face covering must be secured to the head with ties, ear loops, or elastic bands that go behind the head and must fit snuggly but comfortably against the side of the face. Cloth face coverings must be made with two or more layers of breathable fabric that is tightly woven (i.e., fabrics that do not let light pass through when held up to a light source). A face covering does not include bandanas, single layer neck gaiters (wearing two-gaiters is permissible), face shields, goggles, scarves, ski masks, balaclavas, shirt or sweater collars pulled up over the mouth and nose, or masks with slits, exhalation valves, or punctures.  
    • Face Covering Required. Every individual, age five (5) and older, shall wear a face covering when: Outdoors while actively participating in sports, including drills, practices, scrimmages, games, and competitions. vi. Outdoors while attending a Gathering of more than fifty (50) individuals. 
    • PPE should be new or clean for each training session; and disposed or thoroughly cleaned after each training session.


Game Day Protocol for Players and Spectators


  • Matches for teams Under 9 and older should adhere to players and their fans on the same sideline (see graphic below).  MAYSA acknowledges that some fields/venues may not ideally facilitate this arrangement in which case it is acceptable for players for both teams to be on one sideline (as is normally the case) and spectators on the opposite sideline.  However, distancing between individuals/groups not in the same household must still be observed.