For Parents and Players


1)  Return to Play Protocols for Spring 2021  (click here) — Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association has shared this useful information.  Much of it is similar to Fall 2020 guidelines and there are some points of emphasis for MAYSA:

  • MAYSA is strongly urging nonplayers — i.e., substitutes, coaches, and spectators — to wear masks.
  • MAYSA is strongly recommending masks for players during practice.
  • MAYSA asks that each club and team have a culture that supports the family-level decision as to wear a player wears a mask or not.  Some clubs will have their own, internal policy or expectations regarding face coverings.
  • Be aware that some venues will be requiring mask-wearing for everyone.  For now, we are aware that they include:  Belleville & New Glarus (Sugar River Soccer Club), Columbus, Edgerton, Fort Atkinson, Milton, Platteville, River Valley (Spring Green), Wisconsin Heights
    • Where there is a mask requirement for everyone on site for a particular venue the home team does have a responsibility to alert the visiting team 2-3 days (at least) prior to the match.
    • Everyone should keep a face-covering among their equipment
  • Spectators situated on the same sideline as their team/players.  The diagram included should be helpful.
  • Please, no team snacks, post-game handshakes or high fives.
  • Please be aware of isolation and quarantine guidelines set forth by Public Health Dane County Madison (click here).
  • Please have players plan for and bring their own, ample supply of water.
  • Referees do not have any role nor expectation in COVID-related expectations or venue protocols other than wearing a mask when not actively officiating and avoiding/minimizing close contact and shared surfaces.

Game Day Protocol for Players and Spectators


  • Matches for teams Under 9 and older should adhere to players and their fans on the same sideline (see graphic below).  MAYSA acknowledges that some fields/venues may not ideally facilitate this arrangement in which case it is acceptable for players for both teams to be on one sideline (as is normally the case) and spectators on the opposite sideline.  However, distancing between individuals/groups not in the same household must still be observed.