Volunteer Opportunities


Portage Youth Soccer Association doesn’t want any player to be unable to participate as a result of registration or uniform costs.  Volunteering is a great way to help our organization and assist families with fees.  Volunteer Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Managers will receive free registration, but those families who want to help in other ways we also offer a $60 credit for volunteering to help our organization.  This is available for individuals and families that can commit at least 5 hours each season.  Upon completion of the volunteer hours,  your child’s registration will be reimbursed $60 for U9-U14.

TitleJob DescriptionApproximate Hours
Goalie & Field Maintenance
 (2 to 3 families)
1. Make sure grass is mowed inside all goals 2-3 times per season. (before weekend games)
2. Trim weeds around goals, concession building, sidewalk cracks, edging, fence, poles and storage shed.
3. Kill grass and rake rocks under seating area for U14 / high school field.
3. Put nets up before the Spring season and help move goals to correct position if needed.
4. Take nets down at the end of the fall season.
5-10 hours
Equipment Maintenance
 (1 to 2 families)
1. Clean and organize equipment shed – Pre and Post season.
2. Inventory equipment for new purchases.
3. Dispose of old equipment.
5-10 hours
Concession Stand Volunteer
(at least 1 family per team)
1. Gather donated items from teammates and bring to concession stand.
2. Sell concessions for at least 3 games. (about 4 hours total) 
5 hours
Fundraiser Coordinator
(1-3 families)
1. Organize and coordinate 2 fundraisers for PYSA. (Culver’s Night, Hwy 33 Brat Sale, etc)
5 hours
Welcome Event Coordinator
(1 -2 families)
1.  Organize & coordinate welcome event prior to soccer season (August & March)
2. Communicate events to families via email and on Facebook. 
5 hours
Team Manager/ Communicator
(1 family per team)
1. Help coaches with sending messages to families.
2. Post at least 1 article to Facebook each week regarding outcome of games played, special team events, pictures/videos of game play, etc. 
5 hours
Grounds Pick-up
(1-2 families)
1. Pick up trash around soccer fields, and nearby fairgrounds area 2-3 times per season 5 hours
Mini Coordinator
(1-2 families)
1. Set up goals and equipment for each field prior to mini practice.
2. Break down equipment after practices. Organize equipment.
5 hours