All information regarding how to become a referee is located on the MAYSA website at  Once on their site choose “For Referee” and then follow the tabs.

MAYSA sets the pay scale for all referees and it is also posted on their website.  Pay for referees vary from $10.00 up to $50.00 per game (depending on age level).  You must be 12 years of age to take the referee class.

Each individual will have to pay for their own course up front and Portage Youth Soccer Association will reimburse all referees $50 after they have accepted (and completed) 3 game assignments for Portage.  To be reimbursed contact the PYSA treasurer.  Email her your name and address and what you have completed to get reimbursed.

MAYSA Game Formats

Roster, field, ball, goal sizes for all age groups

U-AgeU6U7U8U9U10U11U12U13-14U15-16U17+HS Small Sided
# Players on Field3 v 34 v 46 v 68 v 811 v 117 v 7
Max Roster Size1012121422 (18 may ‘suit up)22 (18 may ‘suit up)15
Minimum Needed to Start Game34676
Field Size in yards30 x 2040 x 2560 x 4570 to 80 x 45 to 55100 to 120 x 60 to 7570 to 80 x 45 to 55
Penalty Areas in yardsNoneGoal Box: 16 x 6
Penalty: 24 x 10
Center Circle: 6 yd radius
Goal Box: 18 x 6
Penalty: 14yd out & either side of goal
Center Circle: 8 yd radius
Goal Box: 16 x 6
Penalty: 24 x 10
Center Circle: 6 yd radius
Goal Frame4′ x 6′ (flags/cones)6′ x 18′7′ x 21′8′ x 24′7′ x 21′
Ball Size3445
Game Length4 x 8 min4 x 10 min4 x 12 min2 x 25 min2 x 30 min2 x 35 min2 x 40 min2 x 45 min2 x 30 min
OfficialsNone (coach or parents)Yes, if availableYes