New Referee Training
The New Grassroots Referee training course is a 16 hour course with half of the time spent online and the other half in the classroom. It is designed to provide entry level referee skills and information through classroom and field training for candidates. Emphasis is on preparing for Grassroots program participation – including recreational and competitive games. Field emphasis is on practice of specific procedures.

Participants must be at least 13 years old at the beginning of clinic to attend a New Grassroots Referee course. Individuals over the age of 18 will be required to complete the SafeSport certification and successfully pass a background check.

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MAYSA Game Formats

Roster, field, ball, goal sizes for all age groups

U-AgeU6U7U8U9U10U11U12U13-14U15-16U17+HS Small Sided
# Players on Field3 v 34 v 46 v 68 v 811 v 117 v 7
Max Roster Size1012121422 (18 may ‘suit up)22 (18 may ‘suit up)15
Minimum Needed to Start Game34676
Field Size in yards30 x 2040 x 2560 x 4570 to 80 x 45 to 55100 to 120 x 60 to 7570 to 80 x 45 to 55
Penalty Areas in yardsNoneGoal Box: 16 x 6
Penalty: 24 x 10
Center Circle: 6 yd radius
Goal Box: 18 x 6
Penalty: 14yd out & either side of goal
Center Circle: 8 yd radius
Goal Box: 16 x 6
Penalty: 24 x 10
Center Circle: 6 yd radius
Goal Frame4′ x 6′ (flags/cones)6′ x 18′7′ x 21′8′ x 24′7′ x 21′
Ball Size3445
Game Length4 x 8 min4 x 10 min4 x 12 min2 x 25 min2 x 30 min2 x 35 min2 x 40 min2 x 45 min2 x 30 min
OfficialsNone (coach or parents)Yes, if availableYes